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Identifying your Target Audience

Donors, adopters, volunteers, parents to sign their kids up for education programs… the list goes on. Essentially, when you’re working towards a goal, who are you trying to reach? We need to have a focused and specific idea of the people we’ll share our message with. This will require us to think about the exact types of people our products and services attract.

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Marketing Communications: An Introduction

I personally love learning about MC strategies and best practices is because its methods apply to both traditional marketing goals (like generating revenue through products and services) and soliciting for donations (and achieving other fundraising goals). So, whether you’re soliciting for year end donations or trying to get more people to book vaccine appointments at your clinic, the strategies and tactics listed below can help.

So, in this post I’m going to quickly go over the different steps of marketing communication. But, stay tuned! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll dive into each step and discuss some best practices and go through some examples to help you apply this knowledge to your own organization.

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