Identifying your Target Audience

Donors, adopters, volunteers, parents to sign their kids up for education programs… the list goes on. Essentially, when you’re working towards a goal, who are you trying to reach? We need to have a focused and specific idea of the people we’ll share our message with. This will require us to think about the exact types of people our products and services attract.

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Marketing Communications: An Introduction

I personally love learning about MC strategies and best practices is because its methods apply to both traditional marketing goals (like generating revenue through products and services) and soliciting for donations (and achieving other fundraising goals). So, whether you’re soliciting for year end donations or trying to get more people to book vaccine appointments at your clinic, the strategies and tactics listed below can help.

So, in this post I’m going to quickly go over the different steps of marketing communication. But, stay tuned! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll dive into each step and discuss some best practices and go through some examples to help you apply this knowledge to your own organization.

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Marketing for dummies (on a tight budget)

No matter how large (or small, or nonexistent) your budget, marketing your pets and programs is essential to the success of your organization. Thankfully, there are marketing tools and tactics for rescue groups of all shapes and sizes. Learn how to increase your donor/stakeholder base, boost adoption rates and improve your position within the community. Remember, just because you're spending money that isn’t directly tied to your animals does not mean it's money wasted! Presented by Brittany Mazzurco Muscato, Digital Marketing Specialist, Humane Society of Broward County

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24 hours

Dedicating your life towards achieving a future goal may sometimes seem counter to this belief - or, at least it does for me. Why bother working towards some promise of future happiness? (Especially when it comes with no guarantees.) Everything could be gone tomorrow, and then what was all that pain, work and sacrifice for?

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$26 for 26th Birthday

On November 26th, when I turn 26, I am going to kick off a year of making a difference. I don't have all of the details worked out (yet), but to kick things off, I have already signed up to help two organizations that are very near and dear to my heart– the National MS Society AND the Humane Society of Broward County. Both of these organizations are having events in March/April of 2017, and I will be rallying the troops and doing my best to make these events a success. 

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Time to Wake Up

Throw off the covers. Do not hit SNOOZE. Shake away the warm illusions. 

Wake. Up.

Not even two feet on the floor and you're underperforming. You overslept. 

Everyone's up. And dressed. And out the door. And you?

You're in bed... still hoping for five minutes more.

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